Pediatric Services

At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, our entire office revolves around fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality, comprehensive children’s dental care experience available. We work hard to ensure that your child feels their dental home is safe, exciting, soothing, and comfortable. This intentional, child-friendly space, matched with Dr. Culp’s expertise, helps provide your child with the dental care they need to keep them confident and healthy.


Office Environment 

We believe that if your child’s visit to the dentist is positive and “fun-filled” they will want to return for their periodic visits. The office environment at Jungle Roots is unique and fun - Dr. Culp is the originator of the “themed” kids’ dental office in the Phoenix area and his innovative approach led to our jungle-themed office. It is part of our genuine effort to create a space for children that is fun, exciting and entertaining, so they can (almost) forget they are at the dentist!

Dental Solutions for kids
Dental Solutions for Kids

Dr. Culp practices dentistry in a conservative way, focusing on education and prevention rather than treatment. At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we recognize your child’s need to be comfortable. Through Dr. Culp’s Pediatric training, we can offer safe and effective techniques that are specifically designed to alleviate fear and discomfort during procedures. Our goal is to make your child’s dental treatment a positive experience to encourage trust and cooperation. The ways in which we care for kids can be categorized into three important areas:  prevention, treatment, and safe and effective sedation techniques.  

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Services

To start your orthodontic treatment, Jungle Roots offers a complimentary orthodontic consultation. At this point, our team will take appropriate tests to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the health of your bite. Afterward, we'll review the results with you, creating a personalized treatment plan that fits your financial needs, your treatment goals and desires, and your lifestyle.


From our paperless office to digital x-rays and upcoming technological advances that we are almost ready to release, we are excited to use the best, proven technical solutions at Jungle Roots. Dr. Culp is careful to choose technological advances that truly benefit the patient and create a fully integrated solution to patient care at our Phoenix office.

Office Policies

Office Policies and Procedures

At Jungle Roots, our goal is to make the financial, insurance, and scheduling processes as easy as possible! We encourage an open dialogue with our team so we can best work with you on financial, insurance, and scheduling matters for your family.