What to do during a dental emergency

Dental emergencies happen all the time, but the summer months seem to mean more calls than usual to Jungle Roots. If you find your child in a dental emergency, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Injury – Start by administering basic first aid and maybe a visit to the emergency room if there is a possibility of a concussion or if you are not clear on the extent of the injury. You should identify if a tooth has been chipped, broken, or loose. Once you have a good idea of the trauma, be sure to schedule a visit with Dr. Culp for an evaluation and possibly some X-rays.

Cracked/Chipped Tooth – There are many ways a tooth can be chipped or cracked, but no matter how it occurs, it should be evaluated by Dr. Culp. Bringing any broken pieces to Jungle Roots with your child can be helpful for a possible repair.

Tooth knocked out – This type of emergency requires quick and careful reaction. Be sure to pick the tooth up by the crown and keep the tooth in milk to help with preservation. Have your child seen by Dr. Culp as soon as possible to try to re-implant the tooth, there may a chance to save it.

Toothache – There could be any number of reasons your child may be experiencing a toothache. Sometimes discomfort could be due to food lodged in between teeth, so flossing and rinsing can help alleviate the pain. In other instances, pain may be due to decay or even a loose tooth. Dr. Culp will need to identify the source of the pain and possibly treat the area, so call our office to schedule some time with him.

Sores – Canker sores are usually caused by some type of trauma, like biting or hitting the tissue. To minimize the discomfort, Dr. Culp recommends avoiding acidic foods and drinks. Rinsing with warm saltwater can also help to ease any discomfort until the sore has healed. Some sores may be due to a virus, such as Hand, Foot & Mouth, so a quick evaluation would be a good idea.

Jungle Roots is here for you for any dental emergency. We can help you schedule a visit so Dr. Culp can determine the extent of the emergency and how best to handle it.

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