What's the big deal with dental checkups?

It’s something we hear every now and then, “it’s just a checkup”. But what does that really mean? Although your visit to Jungle Roots may not be very long, there is a lot going on during your child’s time in the dental chair. A routine cleaning and exam appointment begins with taking a few minutes to evaluate your child’s medical history to identify anything that may have an impact on their dental care. Once the medical history has been updated, we move on to x-rays and noting any concerns you may have regarding your little one’s teeth. During the professional cleaning, our hygienists take their time to remove all the plaque and tartar that may be present and examine the health of the soft and hard tissue. The hygienists also assess the quality of your child’s homecare and educate them on where improvements can be made. Dr. John Culp steps into the room after the professional cleaning has been completed for a final examination. At this point, Dr. Culp will address your concerns, identify any areas that may be questionable, and discuss the oral health of your young ones. Dr. Culp believes education is essential, so he will take advantage of his time with your family at each visit. Just like a medical well check, a dental checkup is valuable time with our dental team, so the next time you think “it’s just a checkup”, you may want to reconsider.

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