The Jungle Roots Children's Dentistry Philosophy

Welcome to the Jungle!!! We really mean it when we say that and today I want to discuss what that welcome signifies for us and more importantly for you!

At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry we strive to provide the highest comprehensive children’s dental care in a unique, fun-filled environment staffed by a team of caring energetic professionals. This is our mission statement. Like many companies we developed a purposeful mission statement to help us define our goals, ethics, culture, and norms for decision-making. As a pediatric dental team we use this to measure our individual and collective success and achievements on a daily basis. The single statement of our mission statement represents our way of life in the Jungle. Every word has significance for each of our staff members, but more importantly for the people we serve, our patients and their family members!!

A closer look at each phrase will give you a greater insight to who we are. First, “we strive”, means collectively the whole staff endeavors, and makes every effort to make your child’s visit to the dentist excellent in every way. We pull out all of the stops to deliver what we like to call “5-Star Customer Service”.

The “highest comprehensive children’s dental care” means every aspect of dental care provided to your child on their visit will be complete and thorough. Dr. Culp is dedicated to educating his patients and their parents in all aspects of dental development, care and treatment. He is never in a hurry to finish the appointment but rather takes as much time as is necessary to answer all of your questions and concerns. His philosophy is to be proactive with preventive care so as to avoid restorative treatment. He is conservative in his approach to pediatric dentistry, preserving original tooth structure by maintaining watches on early signs of decay and instructing parents on nutritional and brushing and flossing habits to avoid treatment.

The office environment is “unique and fun-filled”. Dr. Culp is the originator of the “themed” kids dental office in the Phoenix area. His innovative approach led to our “jungle-themed” office. The jungle theme is not a facade but rather a genuine effort to create a space for children that is fun, exciting and entertaining and at the same time is calming and soothing. We believe if your child’s visit to the dentist is positive and “fun-filled” they will want to return for their periodic visits. Over twenty years with this outlook and belief we see the benefits of this philosophy. Our patients are excited to visit the dentist and think of our office as their “dental home”.

Staffed by a “team” reveals the approach we take to deliver the high quality dental care to our patients. Each member of our staff has a role to serve in taking care of your child. Together we work in a cooperative, collaborative and communal way to achieve our goal of “5-Star Customer Service”. “Caring, energetic, professionals describes the nature of our “team”. Our leader, Dr. John Culp sets the tone and the standard for all of the team to follow. As a husband and father of three sons he is attentive, concerned, kind, gentle considerate and sensitive. In assembling his team he has sought out staff that mirror his many wonderful traits and qualities. In addition, Dr. Culp’s extensive education, training and experience add to title of “professional”.

Always, seeking ways to improve our service to our patients, we welcome your constructive feedback. You can provide us with your comments by visiting our , click on “contact us” and leave us a message. Or pay us the highest compliment by submitting a review of us on Yelp by (insert info here) In summary, we are a dedicated team of pediatric dental professionals doing our utmost to make every child’s visit to the dentist exceptional in every way.

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