Scheduling Treatment at Jungle Roots

Treatment diagnosis is the result of Dr. John Culp doing an examination on a child whether they are in the office for a routine visit or as a result of pain or trauma. Dr. Culp discusses the necessary treatment with both the patient and the parent/s, answering any and all questions that may arise in the course of this conversation including the way he plans to accomplish the treatment. Dr. Culp’s dental philosophy is conservative, focusing on preventive care and the least invasive treatment options while keeping the child’s dental and overall well-being at the forefront. Based on Dr. Culp’s diagnosis the treatment coordinator prepares a treatment plan to present to the parent/s to further aid in their understanding of the diagnosis and assist in scheduling the treatment appointment. Once Dr. Culp diagnosis treatment it is extremely important for the parent to schedule the appointment and accomplish the recommended treatment. Decay left untreated can progress in severity sometimes leading to pain and infection.

Treatment can range from the least invasive application of sealants to more invasive pulpotomy (baby root canal) and crown or extraction. How the treatment is rendered by Dr. Culp depends on the age of the child and the type of treatment necessary. The application of sealants rarely requires anesthesia. Treatment that requires cavities being filled or teeth extracted is usually accomplished with topical anesthesia, followed by localized anesthesia in combination with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) used to help the child remain calm and comfortable. For younger children (ages 3-6) a Conscious Sedation protocol is used to aid in the safe and comfortable rendering of treatment. Infants and toddlers (ages 1-2) typically require IV (intravenous) General Anesthesia sedation to accomplish treatment. This is to protect their delicate psyche as well as to render the best care possible. Every type of treatment has a prescribed time of day to be scheduled as well as a set amount of time to accomplish the care. With over twenty years of taking care of kids dental needs Dr. Culp has perfected his delivery of treatment in the prescribed amount of time and with the comfort and safety of the child being of paramount importance.

Part of treatment plan presentation includes patient financial responsibility. Most dental insurance plans have an annual deductible and then cover the balance of treatment at various percentages based on the type of treatment needed. In addition, dental insurance companies rarely cover the costs of sedation. At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry our treatment coordinator does her best to present the treatment options and the estimated patient financial obligation in the most clear and concise manner, enabling the parent to confidently schedule their child’s dental treatment appointment.

The Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry team, beginning with Dr. Culp and his clinical team and concluding with his business staff aim to partner with our parents to provide the five-star dental care their children deserve. If your child has untreated diagnosed treatment, don’t delay.

Call our office today at 480-759-1119 to schedule their appointment.


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