Happy and healthy smiles while on vacation

Summer vacation will be here in no time and whether your family will be exploring a different country, camping out in the backyard, or traveling to the beach, be sure to pack your toothbrushes! Dr. John Culp wants you to keep in mind that keeping your children’s teeth clean and healthy requires more than just a toothbrush and floss. A great clean smile is not difficult if you make good choices throughout the day, no matter where you may be. While you’re on an adventure in a new area, snack on local fruits and veggies – it’s a great way to experience local foods and have a nutritious snack. If your family enjoys the great outdoors, be sure to stay hydrated with lots of water – which is also a good way to flush out bacteria during the day. A toothbrush will probably be the last thing your kids will be thinking of while building a sandcastle. A piece of Xylitol gum can be your hero - gum chewing helps create more saliva and neutralize acids, and Xylitol can help fight tooth decay. And let’s not forget that a professional cleaning and exam with Dr. Culp is always a great idea! Jungle Roots loves to make dental hygiene fun, so plan an adventure to the Jungle while the children are out of school. Summer should be filled with lots of happy smiles, be sure to keep your family’s smiles healthy!

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