Get up and move! Fun activities, crafts, and snacks to get your body moving and grooving!

Today we’re covering a fun mix of both indoor and outdoor games, crafts, snacks, and other activities to get everybody up out of their seats and moving! We’ll try to include something for every age group.

Even though Spring hasn’t quite officially sprung yet, that’s okay -- we enjoy warm weather pretty much year-round here in Phoenix, so our outdoor activities don’t need to wait! (We’ve tossed in a few activities for a hot or rainy day, though, just in case.)

As long as we observe the rules of our current location (i.e. masks, social distancing, etc.), we can set up and participate in any or all of these activities whenever we like! Grab an adult for help and supervision and we can get started:

Indoor Activities:

Fun activities, crafts, and snacks to get your body moving and grooving

1. Wall Football

Wall Football

With just a few art supplies and a blindfold, you're ready to play Wall Football (think Pin the Tail on the Donkey without the donkey -- and add a field goal)! Follow the instructions here for the game and be sure to play a few rounds with three points awarded for each successful goal. Tally it up and high five the highest score!

2. DIY Pom Poms for Game Day

DIY Pom Poms for Game Day

Do you have some aspiring cheer squad members in your midst? Well, get them ready to motivate their team with this super easy DIY Pom Pom making craft for kids! You’ll only need about six items for this, plus adult supervision for the littlest cheerleaders (lots of scissor cutting involved here), and you’re good to go! If you don’t know any cheers? No worries -- Claire Heffron with The Inspired Treehouse ends this DIY with several fun ones you can use!

3. Move Like an Animal

Feeling wild? Follow this exercise instructor’s movements to guide your littles on how to move like an animal! She starts with a grasshopper, moves on to a beetle, and continues on with the bear walk. All of them are awesome exercises for any age! Wanna try some other animals? Jack Hartmann can show you how in his video geared toward younger kids. If you still haven’t had enough, follow Kendra K’s lead in even more animal moves for preschoolers!

4. Indoor Hopscotch

Indoor Hopscotch

This game can be tailored to suit the age group you’re with -- customize it so it offers just the right amount of challenge! Like indoor hopscotch (with a sprinkle of Twister mixed in), it calls for coordination and patience. Throw in some prizes as they start to get more advanced with it to make it more fun and interesting!

This Monster Footprint Hop game is very similar and might be more fun for the smaller littles.

5. Tape Shape Game

Tape Shape Game

This is an activity where you can create your own game off the top of your head, or follow the directions on the What Moms Love link.

What’s more? There are numerous uses for colorful floor tape in addition to measuring everyone’s longest jump. Make sure you peek at all the ideas on the blog.

You can also:

  • Measure everyone’s height.

  • Make a road map for matchbox cars or bigger kiddo vehicles for the basement, driveway, or garage.

  • Lay out areas for different phases of an obstacle course.

  • Make letters, numbers, shapes, or true hopscotch boxes.

6. Groove It Out

Are you a good dancer? Show us your moves -- and get the kids in on it too! Shaun T and the Fit Kids Club will get everyone in shape, on the beat, and in the groove with energizing dance workouts like Groove It Out! You’ll have a great time and forget you're even working out. Just be sure to keep your water bottle and towel nearby and listen to your body. If you or your kiddos haven’t exercised in a while, take it slow and take lots of breaks. And, like Shaun T recommends, watch the video all the way through before introducing the kids to make sure everyone can do all the moves.

  • Do your kiddos prefer ballet? Give Ballet for Kids beginners’ ballet class from CJ and Friends a try!

  • Or is tap dancing more their speed? Learn a beginners’ tap dance routine step-by-step to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk with Carrie Mitchell in this Tap Dancing Class. (Note: she also has routines you can learn to other songs, like Mambo Number Five or Footloose!)

  • Or how about a free online hula hooping class? Learn some tricks, games, and a short routine with LiveLoveHoop’s Free Kids’ Hula Hooping Class from professional Hula Hooper Jo Mondy. Yes, you will need your own hula hoops and plenty of space.

7. Obstacle Maze

This is a super fun indoor game if you have the right kind of tape available -- you don’t want to pull your paint off! Make sure you’ve got the right kind of tape (click into the blog for specifics) to create your maze. Depending on your kiddos’ age and learning level, customize your Obstacle Course. For example, you could start with a simple doorway and let them play and maneuver through the tape. Otherwise, for bigger kids, you can use a whole hallway or another setting as shown above. Make sure you set it up so they have to step over, crawl under, and use every muscle group to get through their obstacles!

8. Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbow Fruit Platter

With all this movement, it’s important to get healthy fuel for your bodies! See what’s available in your produce section and make a tasty fresh fruit rainbow for the young taste buds in your group. Substitute as needed and add the dip if you like. This gem has been done many different ways (here’s one shaped like a butterfly, here’s some made into fruit kabobs, and here’s one with veggies tossed in for a St. Patrick’s Day plate)! A cup of plain yogurt with a dash of honey or maple syrup works too if you want to keep it simple.

9. Fingerprint Baseball

Is your group bummed out from a rained-out baseball game? Turns out there’s a remedy -- and it’s craft time! Have your kiddos gather ‘round the table for this simple project, Fingerprint Baseballs! You’ll only need 4 supplies, and the blog has pics to walk you through each step of creating this adorable artwork.

Want to make things double the fun for your crew? Bake up a batch of these baseball cake pops to serve when you’re done with your craft--just remember to brush your teeth (or at least drink a glass of water afterward!)

10. Bean Bag Bowl Toss

Bean Bag Bowl Toss

Think back to the decades of WGN’s airing of Bozo the Clown’s Grand Prize Game. Remember how that worked? If not, it’s a cinch to learn. The gist of it is: you just toss the ping pong ball into each bucket, getting a higher number of points each time, until you win!

In this case, you just set it up with a bucket or large bowl in the same way, use a clothespin or tape to number each one, and put a piece of colorful tape on the floor where contestants must stand to toss their bean bags. If you don’t have bean bags, you can grab them at almost any dollar store, make them yourself, or order them here. Give out prizes at the end if you want to make it extra fun!

11. Sports-Themed Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Sports-Themed Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Grab a few handfuls of sensorially interesting sports-related objects, mix together with dried beans (you don’t even need to paint them!), dry rice, sand, or even water, and you’ve got a handy homemade sensory bin fit for the most curious of toddlers. Follow the instructions or get creative and make up your own Sports-Themed Sensory Bin for Toddlers! The only rule should be to make sure you only include objects that are non-toxic and (ok, maybe two rules) a responsible adult must supervise at all times to make sure nothing gets in little mouths.

If you’ve got a printer and want to take things down a notch before dinner or naptime, here are a few easy sports-related backup indoor coloring/activity pages for busy littles on Game Day:

Outdoor Activities:

1. Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis

Get ready for some Serena-level skills when you prepare your own racquets for a game of Balloon Tennis! This super easy craft and game can be played by all ages. Making the tennis racquets calls for some self-adhesive-tipped craft sticks (or get creative with whatever you have in your house -- like rulers and duct tape), a bag of balloons, a layer or two of paper plates, and whatever you like to decorate them with. (Crayons, markers, and stickers would probably work better than paints so you can leave out the drying time and get playing!)