Celebrities Face Common Orthodontic Problems, Too!

Turns out that us regular folks aren’t the only ones who have problems with our teeth. Even the most famous of individuals still need to see the dentist or orthodontist regularly to gain and maintain a healthy mouth. What’s more? Keeping appointments and monitoring teeth consistently from the start can prevent bigger problems from developing, and treatment like surgery from being necessary--even for the stars. From the likes of Emma Stone to the glamorous Faye Dunaway to Nicolas Cage and even supermodel Cindy Crawford, countless celebs have had their smiles adjusted in numerous ways, just like the rest of us. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites to see what they had (or didn’t have!) done to save their million-dollar smiles.

Impacted teeth:

As we’ve discussed before, impacted teeth occur when a tooth is blocked from growing in as it naturally would. A partially impacted tooth can also occur when the tooth comes through part of the way but does not settle entirely into its intended position. A tooth is considered to be fully impacted if it’s not able to erupt through the gums at all.

Who had it and what they did:

Miley Cyrus

Although we can see that her teeth look different in the photos, we can’t see much more than that. According to one article, one of Miley Cyrus’ dental assistants shared that she has impacted wisdom teeth on the top, which may cause problems with other molars if left untreated for too long. Since this article was written in 2015 and has not been updated, we can only hope that Miley has followed up with additional dental and orthodontic care as needed.


At Jungle Roots, we often monitor development at regular checkups until we can determine if the teeth in their current positions would negatively impact those nearby. Treatment would be determined once we could confirm which problems would be caused, and how. X-rays would help us make this choice, too. Once determined, treatment for this type of bite will usually involve braces or palatal expansion so that teeth can be aligned to make room for a poorly positioned tooth to emerge. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, they would usually be removed.

Crossbites/narrow arches

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a crossbite is “a type of malocclusion, or a misalignment of teeth, where upper teeth fit inside of lower teeth. This misalignment can affect a single tooth or groups of teeth, involving the front teeth, back teeth, or both.”

Who had it and what they did:

Emma Stone

The star reported that, “I sucked my thumb until I was 11, so I had this expander in.” This sounds exactly like what we discussed previously, particularly in regard to prolonged thumb-sucking and crossbites. Stone also ended up with braces to resolve the matter, and she recalls, “having them forever.”

Michael Phelps

While tests have cleared Phelps so far, he still undergoes annual check-ups for Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues of the body. With unusual body measurements which appear close to those symptomatic of the disorder, Phelps explains that "If you reach out your arms and form a T and your wingspan is longer than your height, you can be at risk. In my case, those measurements have always been very close."

Additionally, the narrowed jaw and highly-arched palate observed in Phelps’ facial features often cause a crossbite and seem to be common among those with Marfan syndrome as well. As far as we’ve found, however, testing has maintained that Phelps does not have Marfan. He does commit himself to regular testing in order to make sure he is healthy, though.


While treatment for a crossbite is decided on a case-by-case basis, treating the problem once it’s already there often involves expanders (as Stone mentions), full or partial braces, a certain type of headgear, or tooth removal.

As we mentioned previously on the blog, there are some ways to help a child stop thumb-sucking when the time has come. Check them out here. This may help manage the behavior so that more involved treatment is not needed. These interventions, as well as expanders, and other orthodontic treatments, may be beneficial to use first, to help prevent more severe responses like tooth extraction from becoming necessary.


An underbite is clinically known as a Class III malocclusion, which occurs when your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth. This can occur in a mild to an extremely pronounced way, having a range of impact on the life of the individual.

Who had it and what they did:

Tom Cruise

In a multitude of the early shots taken during his career, you can see a great difference in how his teeth and jaws look. For those familiar with an underbite, there’s no denying Cruise’s in a series of proof-perfect photos. However, that wasn’t all Cruise had wrong with his teeth. It’s apparent for fans who follow him closely that he’s had numerous treatments of various types over the years, including braces for alignment as well as veneers, whitening treatments, and more.

Jay Leno

In Jay’s case, the pronounced underbite and chin may be due to a genetic condition he inherited. Mandibular Prognathism is a term which refers to the tendency for the lower jaw to outgrow the upper, resulting in a large chin like Leno’s. According to historians, it has often been seen in royalty. Many other issues have been pondered to be the root cause, such as Crouzon’s Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, or acromegaly, a hormone disorder.

It is uncertain whether Leno sought treatment for his underbite, but his appearance doesn’t seem to indicate so. He may benefit from modern treatments since surgery isn’t the only solution anymore.


With this type of malocclusion, orthodontists may try one type of correction or a blend of different ones. This is a great example of early treatment preventing surgery for most patients. One method, called a Reverse Pull Mask, can be used with children under age ten to help alleviate an underbite, which functions similarly to a headgear. As with other types of treatment, it should begin as early as possible so that the bone and tissue is malleable and easy to work with. Other methods such as braces, expanders, and tooth extraction can be utilized under the right circumstances. Some people will need surgery, especially if they wait too long for treatment, but most will benefit from early intervention.


An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth. In fact, an overbite is quite common, and most people have at least some slight form of overbite. Only more serious overbites are normally treated.

Who had it and what they did:

Cindy Crawford

Though we’ve grown accustomed to Cindy and her supermodel perfect looks, the truth is she once hid a pronounced overbite and mess of crooked teeth behind a wall of thick metal braces back in her youth. Having gone back for braces not once, but twice in her life, Cindy had become confident that her career was dependent upon some teeth and/or jaw aligning changes-and it looks like her time and effort paid off.

Freddie Mercury

Afflicted with a world-renowned overbite, Freddie Mercury’s mouth definitely had a unique appearance -- which without a doubt also produced a uniquely wide vocal range. Freddie credited the shape of his mouth and large overbite with his four-octave range (although some argued he didn’t quite have that range), and feared if he changed anything with dentistry, it could cost him his lucrative singing career. So, he never sought treatment.


Similarly to the previously ways of fixing an underbite, there are a few different methods that can be used to help with overbites, too. We often start with braces or growth modification devices, and aligners, surgery, and tooth extraction are possible treatments. As you know, at Jungle Roots, we prefer the conservative approach, monitoring cautiously and holding back on more extreme methods unless absolutely necessary. In most cases, monitoring, partial or full braces or aligners with elastics, or growth modification devices will be sufficient. This is another condition that benefits from early treatment when treatment is needed, so that possible tooth extraction or surgery can be prevented.

Teeth grinding:

There are different reasons for tooth grinding depending upon the conditions of each patient’s life. Some folks grind their teeth due to anxiety, while others do it when angry, and some do it all through the day and night, while others tend to do it only while asleep. Sometimes it occurs merely due to the position of the teeth or jaw -- which can lead to further misalignment or grinding. Catching the issue early on is helpful and getting a nighttime bite guard or similar device is highly preferable to waiting and finding that the problem has grown and requires a more extreme treatment.

Who had it and what they did:

George Clooney

While his smile was always to swoon over, George Clooney couldn’t say the same about his worrisome teeth/jaw-grinding problem. After you grind your teeth for a while, you may find the surface of the teeth flattens or takes on another, unintended shape. This, in addition to grinding your teeth down into the nerve region of your teeth, can cause multiplying problems -- not to mention a great deal of pain.

Clooney opted for a full set of veneers once he completed an early acting gig on the 80’s Facts of Life. Since then, he’s kept his pearly whites in shape with updated veneers.


George completed his treatment with full veneers -- but you can also look into ways to bring your stress level down, like meditation, yoga, biofeedback therapy, counseling, and other forms of therapy or relaxation. They also make oral devices that can be worn at night (or all the time) to prevent grinding. We suspect George makes use of all available to him, and you may want to do the same!

Crooked teeth:

Crooked teeth often go hand in hand with other orthodontic problems and, when left untreated, can also create further orthodontic and health issues. Even a tooth that is just a bit crooked can cause enamel to wear down unevenly, eventually leading to sensitivity and pain.

Who had it and what they did:

Matthew Lewis

Matthew most certainly did have remarkably crooked teeth, at least for the period of his life spent acting in the Harry Potter films. The reason for this? The actor played Neville Longbottom, whose character maintained a geeky appearance with famously crooked teeth. The child actor was told not to get braces or other dental/orthodontic treatment that might alter the appearance of his teeth until he was finished filming as Neville - which he completed in 2011 at the age of 24. Then he went on to get all the orthodontic work he needed to properly align his teeth- finally!


While we can’t be positive exactly which types of treatments Matthew had, braces and some other types of orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry are a sure thing. Anytime teeth are crooked, it is a great idea to get them evaluated. Often times, the treatment is as simple as braces or invisible aligners. Other times, a thorough evaluation will reveal underlying problems that we can treat to improve your health and prevent future complications.


We welcome any types of dental and orthodontic needs you may have, and can assure you that our overall conservative approach to dentistry and orthodontics will remain in effect regardless of whether you’re an actor on the big screen or a regular joe from the neighborhood!

We also believe that it’s best to take the healthiest, safest route for treatment, which most often allows our patients to enjoy their smiles for the longest time possible. So, don’t worry if you’ve had a problem for a while -- come on in, let’s take a look. Our free consultation should allow us to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to call anytime you have questions or need to make an appointment. We’d love to hear from you and can set an appointment right away if you’re having any types of problems. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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