Can breaking a bone affect your dental appointment?

One of the questions we are regularly asked in the office at Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry is why the medical history has to be updated every time children come to the office. Did you know that the safety of your child in the dental chair is made possible with thorough medical history update? Here’s why we need to know about your child’s health history when you visit our office!

When a child comes to see Dr. Culp for a cleaning or treatment of any kind, there can be bleeding. An area of bleeding in the mouth produces a “bacteremia”. This is literally bacteria from the mouth circulating in the bloodstream. If a child has an existing condition or area of recent surgery, these bacteria can find that location and begin to grow there. Events like this are preventable through the use of antibiotics prior to the beginning of the dental procedure. Conditions that may require this consideration include but are not limited to: certain heart murmurs, plates, screws or pins placed during surgery, previous heart surgeries and artificial heart valves.

A courtesy call to our office before your child’s appointment allows us to contact your medical professional beforehand to get the required information. If not, we will have to contact that office during your child’s appointment and run the risk of the office being closed or not hearing back from the doctor in a sufficient amount of time. This in turn causes us to reschedule the appointment until we receive proper consent from the doctor. Informing us of medical changes before appointment allows us to contact that doctor and determine whether or not an antibiotic coverage is needed for that child. Antibiotic prophylaxis (coverage) - or premedication - is simply the taking of antibiotics before some dental procedures such as teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, root canals, and deep cleaning between the tooth root and gums to prevent infection. If the child does not need antibiotics, then we are able to get a written consent at that time and will update medical history as well. Be sure to disclose any medical history information upon check-in at our office if you have not made us aware of a condition prior to the appointment to ensure proper care for your child. Even something that may seem insignificant to you from a “dental” point of view can actually have an impact on how Dr. Culp and the hygienists manage the appointment and determine proper care for your child.

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