14 Fun Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Now that the heat of summer is in full swing, it’s time to find some ways to enjoy our free time without melting -- and we’ve got just the activities!

For the month of June, Jungle Roots patients can bring in your Summer craft made from the ideas in this post and the crafts will be entered into a drawing for a prize. All entries must have the artist's name and phone number. The winner will be announced in July. Happy crafting!

Just give the instructions below a quick glance before starting to make sure you have enough time and all the supplies you’ll need to complete the activity you selected! Now without further ado, please join us for a quick look at 14 of our favorite ways to have fun and stay cool in the summer heat:

1. Water balloon pinatas
Water balloon pinatas

Image credit: Hello, Wonderful!

Ready for something a little different this summer? Check out this DIY outdoor summer fun project! Instead of sugary candy, these water balloon pinatas cool off the party fast when filled with refreshing cold water.

To get started, locate a spot in your yard where you can stretch a sturdy rope or string between two trees, or two posts, or something similar. Then you’ll need to secure that sturdy rope, get some latex balloons, grab some sticks for swinging, and plan your game. Make sure you keep enough of the rope/string to tie each balloon to the main string, as shown in the picture above.

We think that as long as everyone is careful and politely takes turns, there is little that can go wrong with this activity. However, as with any activity where you swing a stick or try to break something, extra caution should be used to avoid hitting anything nearby, including other kids, outdoor furnishings, pets, etc.. - so adult supervision is a must. Besides that, the adults might want to get some hits in too, if it’s hot enough outside. Enjoy!

Here’s how to do it: Water balloon pinatas

2. Swimming jellyfish craft
Swimming jellyfish craft

Image credit: I heart crafty things

Recreate the mesmerizing motion of a swimming jellyfish with this fun summer craft from iheartcraftythings.com!

Give the supply list a glance and see what you’ve already got on hand. Everything else should be easily gathered on a quick trip to the dollar store or a super speedy browse through Amazon for the no-contact shoppers (check the clearance section first or some discount art supply shops like this or this.

Once you’ve got it all, just follow along with the blog’s instructions, planning ahead for paint and glue-drying time when needed. We think you’ll have loads of fun when the jellyfish starts swimming – and you can always add to the “aquarium” if you have extra time. There’s a cute octopus waiting to join in on the fun, and a friendly dolphin after that!

Here’s how to do it: Make your own swimming jellyfish

3. Thumbprint Dandelions
Thumbprint Dandelions

Image credits: glued to my crafts, crafty morning, mas and pas cotton bud dandelion craft

Since it’s dandelion season and we’re all making lots of wishes, why not recreate the beauty of the little yellow then white flowers in our artwork as well?

The first method caught our eye as the colors are stunning and the process looks fun for the littles:

The second technique reminded us of the bright yellow dandelions we see so often on grassy lawns in springtime, and we found it amusing that you could recreate the look so easily with a plastic fork!

And, last but not least, it’s time for our wish! (You can’t have dandelions around without making at least a few wishes, you know.) This third technique highlights the wispy white seeds of the aged dandelion, ready to be gently blown into the breeze as you think quietly of your wish:

So beautiful!

Here’s how you do it: First kind, second kind, third kind

4. Pool noodle pom pom shooter
Pool noodle pom pom shooter

Image credit: Hello, wonderful!

Boredom, be banished! We’re about to elevate the fun level in your rec room. If it’s too hot to play outside, we’ve got a safe, virtually damage-free game you can play in the cool indoor air conditioning of your favorite activity room.

Enter: the pool noodle pom pom shooters! The ammunition “shot” from these adorable little pool noodle pom pom shooters are incredibly soft and cute, just like launching a hug across the rug to your friend! Just follow the instructions on the blog and have adults on hand for helping out, and you’ll be ready to play games in a jiffy.

What games can you play? They suggest several on the blog which we think sound fun--or we especially like freeze tag (if you get “hit” by a soft ball from the other team, you have to “freeze” (stand very still) until someone else on your team hits you again and frees you!)

Happy playing!

If you need a video to follow to get this just right, here you go.

Otherwise, here’s how to do it: Pool noodle pom pom shooter

5. Flamingo finger puppets
Flamingo finger puppets

Image credit: iheartcraftythings.com

Beautiful, showy flamingos. Who doesn’t love to see them, especially when visiting the sunny spots in the world where the summer never ends?

Well, get ready for a feathery pink invasion! These fun and pretty flamingo finger puppets only require 6 simple supplies, some of which you likely already have on hand, and can be made in an easy 20 minutes or so (with a little help from the adults available)!

Feel free to get creative with it. Remember, flamingos can be very different shades of pink. Some blend an orange-y tone in, while others look almost completely orange, and still more have been seen nearly solid white with pink legs. While some people think there are blue ones around somewhere, we haven’t seen them -- but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours blue anyway!

Want to make a different animal entirely for your finger puppets? There are countless options!

Why not try a koala bear, some black bats, a few owls and bears, a baby chick, or some busy, buzzy honey bees -- or maybe one of each! The sky’s the limit when you’re making your own puppets and writing your own indoor summer puppet show!

Here’s how to do it: Flamingo finger puppets

6. DIY balloon dart painting
DIY balloon dart painting

Image credit: Hello, wonderful!

If you love creating colorful, abstract art as much as we do, this is the cool-off in-the-shade summer activity for you!

You’ll need 7 supplies for this activity, one of which is a paint pump, which keeps you from getting paint on your mouth blowing up the balloons -- because it blows them up for you!

Once you’ve gathered supplies, look around and find a great spot to hang your paper, then just follow along with the blog and watch the artists throw their darts and create their masterpieces!

Note: Plenty of supervision should be utilized with this activity, especially considering the darts are sharp.

The final result is always gorgeous and gift-worthy. Consider making them for friends or family as birthdays or other holidays approach -- or place one on the mantle to be admired by all, as shown on the blog.

Here’s how you do it: Dart balloon painting

7. Pineapple bookmark corners
Pineapple bookmark corners

Image credit: red ted art

With all the summer reading lists to keep up with, it’s essential we keep our place in each story. (Don’t have one yet? Peep at these, organized by age.) Good news -- you can mark your page in the cutest way ever when you make these homemade pineapple origami bookmarks to hold the corners for you! Each one only takes a few minutes to make and once finished they’re great for keeping, trading, or gifting.

What’s more? There are many different ways to make these, including adorable animals, crazy monsters, and simple, beautiful designs, so you don’t need to limit yourself to pineapples!

Here’s how to do it: Pineapple bookmark corners

8. Black glue cactus craft
Black glue cactus craft

Image credit: i heart crafty things

Get in the Phoenix spirit with these gorgeous and colorful black glue cacti watercolor paintings!

You’ll need 9 simple supplies, and the black glue is a cinch to make. (Hint: you can just use the kind your kids take to school!)

This craft should be split into two days (the first day is for the black glue outlines to dry overnight).

We think you’ll have some frame-worthy pieces at the end of this project. Consider in advance where they might look best in your home. The den? Home office? Breakfast nook? Be sure to hang them or stand them wherever they can be most inspiring -- and enjoy!

Here’s how to do it: Black glue cactus craft

9. Rock painting

We’ve included rock painting in our activities before, but there or so many excellent ideas that we wanted to share a few more! This rock painting hobby has become quite popular lately, and all over the country people are making all sorts of painted rocks and leaving them hidden outside for strangers to find! If you find one? You can take a picture of it to share with the group (if you want to), and then hide it again for someone else to find!